“Jamie is different. I’ve had a number of business mentors over the years. Typically a business mentor is just that, focuses on your business, asks why you price like that, asks how much revenue growth you’ve had, connects you with investors, potential customers. All good things. But often this misses the real core of why are you are even in business? What is it that motivates you? What are the blockages that are holding you back, that then end up holding your business back? This is not symptom treating, Jamie is the real deal and has helped me better understand myself and helped me address the things that help me ensure I am living a life well lived. Jamie has some great principles like ‘attention’ and ‘connection’ which he demonstrates to you in each and every conversation. It is his quest to better understand people and want what’s best for them that underpins Jamie’s genuineness. Having a discussion with Jamie allows you to fine tune your perspective, this then leads to meaningful action. Catch up with him, you’ll see what I mean!”
Isaac Wilson, CEO – Litmus Datatech and Textferret

“I was introduced to Jamie by a mutual contact, Andee Gainsford, a number of years ago. We build high performance organisations with a focus in the manufacturing sector. Jamie came into our business with a fascinating understanding of business connection. His focus then was online business networking. Over the years I have seen Jamie consistently evolve and develop his skill set to support myself and the team. When he learns, we all learn. It continues to be a wonderful partnership. In the process he has completely transformed the way I look at relationships and business. Jamie has the ability to create these environments when we have meetings to allow thoughts and ideas to just flow. We have a saying together ‘that is where the magic happens’. And consistently now for a number of years this support has been priceless. One time, I came out of a meeting and applied some of my learnings the following week and was able to close a six figure opportunity. I have done this a number of times now. I know these outcomes would not have occurred without Jamie support. Jamie truly gets connection both in the offline and online space. I guarantee he will change your mindset around networking and support you and your team towards reaching its potential.”
Nigel Reany, Business Founder – LMAC

“Working with Jamie Roy changed things for me personally, and for my business. I like to think of myself as an astute person, but working with Jamie made me realise that I had a few limiting beliefs …..which I have now overcome. My business has gone from strength to strength, and more importantly is now working in a way that I want it to, and with clients and services/products that I want to work with. I knew what I wanted to do, but couldn’t see a clear path to get there. Jamie guided me through a self-exploration of possibilities. Those possibilities are now my realities, and my business has more work overseas, and more regular work in the genres that are my ‘joy space’. In addition, I re-evaluated my thoughts around pricing, and value, due to Jamie challenging my perceptions on this topic, and my business is really benefiting from that now.
Many business owners make a good living out of what they do, but making a good living in a way that brings you joy, is a game-changer. Thank you Jamie, I’ll be forever grateful for your honesty, insight, and for challenging me to see things differently.”
Stephanie Holloway, Business Owner – Elemental Potential

“Myself and the Bella Vista Accommodation Network have had the opportunity to work with Jamie over a number of years. Our original engagement came from a digital media perspective personally helping my understanding. From there he has presented a numbers of times to our national group and facilitated sessions for the leadership team. With any engagement with Jamie you always come away with greater awareness, energy and confidence. Jamie is brilliant at providing clarity. I believe this comes from supporting many professionals across multiple industries over the years. Once I came out of a meeting with Jamie that immediately actioned some decisions saving the business $13,000. That was a pretty good ROI for a one hour meeting. It has been very rewarding over the years staying in touch. I remember saying to him in a meeting that ‘Jamie 1.0’ has now evolved to ‘Jamie 2.0’. His openness in the way he communicates and networks has supported my professional development and mindset towards business. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any business.”
Rob Burnell, General Manager – Bella Vista Accommodation Nationwide

“I have had the privilege of working with Jamie for a number of years. More recently he has evolved from mainly online business connection support to be more of a facilitator of business growth. Jamie really helps clarify my decision making, always with an eye on the future direction of our business. He has the ability to ask the right questions that leads me to the answers I am after. He is very aware of where my attention needs to be. A specific example was encouraging our team to adopt a CRM system. This alone has supported the business and given incredible insight and awareness into our sales process. It has created excellent accountability and responsibility for the sales team. Jamie is also very well connected, stays up to date with all different kinds of industries and technology and is not afraid to share everything he learns. Our business has experienced strong growth with Jamie’s support.”
Nick Frame, Business Director – Release Wanaka

“Jamie has this unique skillset to pull my thoughts and ideas from the back of my mind so that I can articulate, communicate and understand more of what I actually know. Professionally I found this very useful. Especially while going through the changes that COVID presented my business and our industry. Jamie is a great easygoing guy, his relaxed conversation style really helped me think strategically about my business in our series of meetings. He is someone I would highly recommend to my network.”
Nick Milne, Business Owner – Roam


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