I am a Connection Facilitator

Date: 1st May 2020

I started this journey of self-discovery a couple of years ago.

What I came to see is that my role is not so much coaching or advising people about what to do or what not to do; what gives me joy is giving people the freedom to be themselves. I do this by helping people build new connections to their true selves and to others around them. By building deeper connections we can look beyond people’s limitations and imperfections, our own included, and encourage one other to do great things.

I act as a facilitator to support you and/or your team to experience the power of real connection. I do this by creating the ideal environment (I call these relationship environments) and asking the right questions so that the real you can turn up. When we are truly ourselves we can do our best work, add the most value and truly connect. I aspire to change energy, provide clarity and really challenge people’s curiosity and vulnerability. I am a catalyst for people to identify their purpose enabling them to live their life with authenticity and a sense of freedom. I work with individuals, teams and businesses.

The amount of disconnection in the world is frightening. It’s everywhere. From the way our world leaders behave, to every failed relationship, to every news article you read, it always comes back to connection or a lack of it. It’s a trust thing. That’s how we’re programmed. But the only thing stopping connection is us.

You are the biggest influencer of your circle of connections. Who else can be? But we’re all caught in this trap of having to connect with more people, generate more leads, sell more, do more, be more. In reality, we’re not connecting, we’re transacting. We’ve got to unbusy ourselves.

The word ‘business’ comes from the Old English word bisignes or bisig which means “careful, anxious, busy, occupied, diligent”. We’re all lost in our own busyness. We aren’t having the right kind of conversations. We’re diluting ourselves and our connections.

Connection is everything in business. If we can’t connect with ourselves, how can we connect with our team, customers or suppliers? Instead of going through life and business thinking ‘We are alone’, I encourage people to embrace the notion that ‘We are all one’. We are all connected but how and why we connect is evolving and we have to evolve with it.

We’re in the middle of this fundamental shift. When you understand it you can see the tension everywhere. There’s a real need to educate leaders how today and tomorrow’s workforce communicate and connect. Leaders need to transform themselves from having a controlling mindset to creating supportive environments where people thrive. Leaders need to be facilitators of potential. Potential can only be activated through connection.

I am a connection facilitator.

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Connection has always been the core principle in my life. It has taken many years and numerous life experiences to allow this to rise to the surface.  It has been an inside out project, supported by hundreds of people...  

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