Consciously Create Your Professional Career

How do you align your professional career and stay on track? 

This session is all about you, your professional journey and what it takes to maximise your potential.  Some of the learning content includes:

  • Your professional cycle (unknown & known)
  • Is your mind being helpful?
  • The potential in you
  • Communication pathway – vulnerability, curiosity & support
  • Internal and external connection
  • Your professional past, present & future
  • Emotions at work
  • How to evolve your network to evolve you

This session is guaranteed to challenge the way you think, communicate and currently work.  It is designed to allow you to explore your professional potential through your existing internal awareness. 

If your professional world is undergoing change, and you need some support, then this session is for you.

Date: Coming soon in 2021 

Please email or call Jamie if you are interested to go on the wait list.
M: 021 33 1245

About Jamie Roy

For over a decade Jamie’s attention has been focused on professional connection.  Both off and online he has coached and trained thousands of professionals, led industry change and presented all around New Zealand.  He empowers individuals and teams to consciously create their professional environment to maximise potential.

Jamie Roy Speaking

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