Connection is Evolving

Date: 1st May 2020

Connection is evolving and we have to evolve with it

The major problem is we are trying to move from a disconnected core

We have to rethink our approach to professional relationships, in fact all relationships

We need to un-network and re-connect

It starts with you.

If you can understand yourself more, you can support your network to do the same

So the people within your network can understand themselves more

And in return, your network can support you to understand yourself more

Can you start to see where this is going?

As a race we are all linked

We’re all connected by the fabric we call our social network

As humans we need to understand our responsibilities

That we are responsible for everyone and everything

That responsibility always starts with you and me = US

We have a choice

It is the most frightening direction to walk towards

The journey towards true connection

It should feel natural, but our modern world has made it feel intensely uncomfortable

The journey towards true connection is not a path or trail you follow

Nor is it a destination

And who am I to even think I can even explain what it is

As it is an experience

My role is to provide the space for real connection to occur

I am a connection facilitator

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Jamie Roy

Connection has always been the core principle in my life. It has taken many years and numerous life experiences to allow this to rise to the surface.  It has been an inside out project, supported by hundreds of people…

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