Do you?

  • Know how to maximise connection in your life?
  • Know the value that you lose everyday through a lack of connection?
  • Understand how online has evolved the way we connect?
  • Care about yourself and your team?
  • Know how simple it is to evolve?
  • Want to start?

If any of the above is of interest – Lets talk!!

The intention is to evolve the way we connect professionally, we need to – it’s time!!!  My speaking is centred around connection and the experience I have gained throughout my life.  We need to deeply understand the way we connect to ourself, the people around us and understand the life experiences this creates.  Everything always comes back to relationships.  My goal is to focus people’s attention on what maximises connection in their life.  The flow on effect continually evolves the way we communicate, connect and work together.

Topics I currently focus on are:

  1. Connection is evolving, are you?
  2. How to consciously create your professional career


I support people to build new connections to their true selves. By building deeper connections we can look beyond people’s limitations and imperfections, our own included, and encourage each other to do great things. So what brings me joy is giving people the freedom to be themselves.

Most professional engagements never get a chance for real connection to thrive.  It is usually two (or more) overthinking minds at work, effectively taking the space away from one another. 

In 2017 I approached professional connection in an entirely new way.  I went from overthinking everything to trusting my intuition to guide the conversation.  What happened and keeps happening is hard to describe, so I won’t confuse you here.  

I act as a facilitator to support you to experience the power of real connection. I do this by creating the ideal environment (I call these relationship environments) and asking the right questions so that the real you can turn up. When we are truly ourselves we can do our best work, add the most value and most importantly connect.

Let’s do some great work together!!!

One to One


What does community mean for you in your life right now?

I support business professionals in creating community.  This may be with their existing customers, clients, network or industry peers – usually in a blend of both their online and offline worlds.

For the majority of professionals, real group collaboration is a skill we have to re-learn.  It comes down to understanding how attention really works.  Community is the way forward for many professionals as traditional methods of business have become redundant.  We are doing the full circle with technology enabling this change.

I create, facilitate and support community development to enhance attention, connection and collaborative experiences.

Let’s collaborate!!!


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