Jamie Roy Speaking


Jamie Roy is well known for his presentations on how to leverage your brand in the online space.  He has a vast knowledge of social media and professional online networking, and he delivers presentations that educate, motivate and inspire his audience to optimize their online profiles with confidence.

In a constantly changing space, it is import that business’s and individuals are confident in their digital skills, enabling them to create an online presence that they are proud of.

Jamie can put together a detailed presentation tailored to the skill level of his audience and weighted towards the online platforms that best suit your business. Most businesses and individuals already have some level of presence online, but many don’t understand the intricate features of the platforms and how these amplify your existing opportunities and results.

Jamie has been a Toastmaster for over 10 years and has spoken to many small groups right through to some of New Zealand’s largest corporate companies.  Jamie encourages interaction, welcomes questions, and likes to make himself available to attendees after the conference.

Contact Jamie about inspiring your team at your next event.