The journey to reach your full potential starts here. Experience what real connection can do for you and the people you engage with.

I focus people’s attention on connection. Connection is the bedrock of the relationship between you, your network, and everything you create together.

Over many years we have devalued connection and embraced a more transactional world. Economic growth and progress has been prioritised over emotional connection and empathy, resulting in the environment we live and work in today. If you’re okay with this, read no further.

I support professionals who realise we need to change how we work and live to become more aware of what is possible in a better connected world. When you evolve, your environment then follows. You cannot rely on thinking your way through this process. Trusting your intuition is key and it is a superpower when you learn to tap into it. Leading from this perspective creates connected workplaces. It allows people to really turn up and do their best work.


Transforming teams is really about transforming the individuals within your team. It is the process of opening up to come together and connect with the group’s intention.

When individuals connect with a shared purpose, magic happens. When they are disconnected, work can be, well… hard work.

My role within a team environment is to guide people’s attention to where it needs to be, from individuals seeking attention to giving attention. When we really turn up for one another, a team transforms and grows together. This happens because each team member becomes a catalyst for the others in the group to reach their potential.


Online activity can create both connection and disconnection in our lives without having the appropriate intent and awareness.

From a professional perspective it is about identifying the opportunity that the online world can support you with. It is about amplifying who you really are and why you do what you do. The words/videos you use to describe yourself and what you do, help you connect with your passions and what drives you . Communicating and sharing your passions with others through the online media jungle we have created (your online network) helps you connect with others.

To survive and thrive we can do what we have always done — stick together, collaborate and socialize. To excel online, every professional has to understand how to merge their offline and online environments into one. We have to collectively upgrade our mindsets to match this new environment. Online success is not a destination; it is very much a shared journey.


COVID-19 has changed the business landscape. To survive and thrive every business must adapt and evolve to this new world.

I support business through the digital enablement of both their business and personal brands. Through coaching and training businesses gain greater awareness on how to successfully navigate and succeed in these uncertain times.

It is not business as normal. We can’t just pretend to try and replicate online what we have done offline. We all need to evolve.


Connection Facilitation is the simple act of giving attention rather than seeking it. It is a pure act of kindness with the goal of supporting your network to maximise its potential.

This opens the path for real connection to happen. It takes away any resistance because you are no longer in a transactional relationship, you are “in connection”.

Giving attention enables you to have more meaningful conversations with your network. It transforms your mindset and makes you more vulnerable and curious. You feel safe putting yourself out there. Just as you cannot think your way into trust, connection facilitation is something you feel. Being a connection facilitator is about being aware of the relationship environments you are creating. Combining these environments is what makes your network – Work.


My mission is to create greater awareness and understanding of the power of connection, online and offline. I have presented, trained and led webinars for professionals across different industries for well over a decade.


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