Jamie Roy Social MediaJamie Roy Social MediaJamie Roy Social MediaJamie Roy Social Media

In today’s world, the rules of business have not changed, but the tools available to us have.

Jamie Roy makes understanding online business networking in the social media space simple.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, Jamie can help you transfer your offline, personal business networking skills to the online space by helping you understand the tools we have available.  He can show you how you can leverage your brand online through word of mouth marketing, how to search for – and attract – new opportunities, and gain valuable introductions through trusted and likeminded connections. You’ll be amazed at the doors this can open.  It is important to know what you want to achieve, identify the most effective networks to do so, and how to leverage these networks.

Have you googled yourself recently? The majority of business success can be measured by those people representing and working within the company, so your personal online brand, and that of your employees, is very important for your business success. Those who are online and using social networks are more visible and attracting more opportunities than those who are not. Their online profile and business information can be accessed all day, everyday – not just when they hand over their details on a business card in a face to face meeting.

Jamie has worked with some of New Zealand’s biggest, and smallest, companies. From one-on-one consultations and office presentations, through to large national conferences and workshops, Jamie can tailor coaching sessions and presentations to assist those wanting to optimize their opportunities through networking in the online space.