Have you Googled your name recently?  If so, what came up?  If not, do it now and discover how visible, or invisible, you are online.  For the majority of you, your search will bring up your LinkedIn profile – so it makes sense to ensure that it is displaying what you want the world to see.

I surveyed a recent group of New Zealand professions about their LinkedIn profiles.  They were taking part in a course on learning how to use LinkedIn more effectively.  I got them to rank their profiles out of 10. 1 being poor and 10 being excellent.  Here are the results;
1-3      53%
4-6      28%
7-10    19%

The interesting stat for me in this example is that 53% of the group had created a profile that they ranked 3 or less out of 10.  As a professional, we would never create and hand over a substandard business card.  Your LinkedIn profile, in simple terms, is like an online extended business card highlighting your professional career. However, there are hundreds of thousands of Kiwis on LinkedIn with profiles they feel very inadequate about.  And for many of these professionals they will be getting more online LinkedIn profile views than the business cards that they are handing out.

As Kiwis, we have often trailed the bigger nations on our adoption to different online social media tools.  Through some of the workshops I have delivered,  I have found that there is also a large variation of online confidence within different areas of our small country.

With LinkedIn now having over 1.4 million New Zealanders on its platform, I believe it can no longer be ignored.  To bury your head in the sand and hope that the storm will pass for this social media network would be a missed opportunity.  The storm is just building and the opportunities it has, and will continue to create, for its active users are well worth their investment in the platform.

So if you are Kiwi that has got their head around LinkedIn, take five minutes out of your busy day and help a colleague or friend understand how they can improve their profile to make the most of this platform and its opportunities. Empowering people you know online will help deepen your relationships and widen your own online reach.

Happy Networking  !!

Linkedin New Zealand Kiwi Bird

Linkedin New Zealand Kiwi Bird