I often ask people if there is one word that describes what you do, I am always fascinated by the response.  My word without a doubt is connection.  I am extremely curious when it comes to connection, what it does and how it affects everything we come in contact with.  So looking back on my journey to date there is no surprise connection has my attention.

Connection has got me to this point and will get me to where I am going.  Since returning to New Zealand in 2009 I have been fortunate to work in this space.  A lot of my work has been online focused. However more recently, I have combined this experience to support professionals that want to go on the journey to a more connected world.  

Over the years I have trained thousands of professionals, worked hands-on with hundreds of small to medium sized businesses and supported some of New Zealand’s largest corporate brands.  I have also led the online business networking training for national industry bodies such as the NZ and Australian Accountants, NZ Engineering and NZ Lawyers.  My goal has always been to transfer skills, knowledge and wisdom to empower businesses to reach their full potential. 

A few things about me:

One lovely wife – She describes me as kind, open and slightly immature 

Two wonderful children

One old cat

For exercise I like to run

In the community I love Park Run and Toastmasters 

I love to talk about interesting things from a perspective of not knowing

I really need to improve how I write

For work I call myself a connection facilitator  

I have worked for clients in pretty much every industry possible

I love giving attention

I am turning 40 this year

I am most thankful for all my family and friends

Favourite movies: Braveheart, The Greatest Showman & Pitch Perfect

Favourite sayings: You’re on fire, That’s what we are talking about, Good as gold.

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